Does he like you? (For 3rd-8th graders)

Hiiiii so this is my first quiz, and I wanted to do one about GUYS!! I’ve had guy trouble myself, and I want to help u!!! Th is quiz might work for grownups but it might not

Prepare for the famous DOES HE LIKE U QUIZ, made for kids!!! This quiz is GIRLS ONLY, but guys are welcome to take it 4 fun.BTW I’m in middle school so I can relate.

Created by: Cora
  1. How big is ur age gap?
  2. Does he stare at u in class/at school?
  3. Do you talk a lot? What does he do???
  4. What happens when you talk with other boys???
  5. Lastly, does he know you like him? If he does, how did he change before and after he found out?
  6. Haha I lied that wasn’t the last one!! (When I first typed that I wrote “hahaha I died” lol) Has he ever asked u to a dance??
  7. Okay I just tried to publish this and it said I need 10 questions so HERE WE GOOO
  8. Pick the description below that best describes this dude.
  9. I’m running out of ideas so just pick the most appealing description of a guy. (These represent very real guys that I like from my life)
  10. Okay this is the last one I hope u liked my quiz!!!

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