Does he like you back?

I'm here to help you know if the boy you have an eye on feels the same way. Does this boy want you to be his girlfriend? Does he like you? Are you the one?

Is He the one? Does he act weird around you? Are you always on his mind? Do you want to be with him? How much does he like you? How will you know he likes you?

Created by: Naya.22

  1. Does he touch you or always tries to be close to you? (Such as sits next to you, grabs you, pushes you, hugs you, or bumps into you on purpose)
  2. How does he act around you?
  3. Do his friends talk about you or bring him up when you guys talk?
  4. Does he have a girlfriend?
  5. Who talked to each other first?
  6. D you two have stuff in common?
  7. Have you ever caught him staring at you?
  8. If/when you catch him staring you what does he do?
  9. Does he try to impress you? (Such as dresses better, smells good, shows off a talent, or changes attitude)
  10. Does he ever get jealous?

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