Does He Like You?

Many people ask themselves this question everyday. Does he like me? It's like every fairytale story. Or you pulling off the petals off a flower saying, "He likes me. He doesn't like me. He likes me..." etc.

Well now it's time to find out. I hope your answer will satisfy you! If not I'm really sorry. If you got an answer that means he doesn't like you and you're disappointed, then I'm sorry you should probably fine someone else. If you do get something that says he does like you, then good luck! (I may be slightly jealous if you do...)

Created by: the_gay_cupcake

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  1. Where did you meet him?
  2. How much do you talk to each other?
  3. How much physical contact do you have with him?
  4. How much do you two hang out?
  5. Do his friends act funny when you two are near each other/talking?
  6. Does he act funny when around you?
  7. Does he have cute nicknames for you?
  8. Has he ever jokingly mentioned going out on a date or something with you?
  9. The big question: Do YOU think he likes you?
  10. Do YOU like him?

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