He likes me he likes me not

He like me He like me not. Have you guys been wondering if he likes you or not. Well stop asking yourself the same question and take this quiz to finally get the answer.

This quiz might finally answer that question you've been asking and wondering. It's really easy. If he doesn't like I will tell you. If he does I will tell you.

Created by: Cindycrowns

  1. he looks in my direction.....
  2. When I catch him staring at me.....
  3. does he hug you or hold your hand?
  4. How does he hug you?
  5. does he try to impress you?
  6. does he pull your hair, tease you, or pokes you?
  7. does he ask a lot of personal questions?
  8. does he call you or text you ?
  9. does he treat you differently then others?
  10. does he always try to hang out with you?
  11. does ask about you to your friends?
  12. does he extend his palm?
  13. does he lean in close? A guy who invades your personal space is into you.
  14. does his friends ask you a lot of questions?
  15. does he remember everything about you?
  16. If you flirt with his friends he'll...
  17. does he start a poke war on facebook?
  18. does he try to sit next to you?
  19. does he invite you to his games or come to your games?
  20. does he compliment you?
  21. does he joke about you guys getting together?
  22. do you think he likes you?

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