Does he like you.

dont leave something good to find something better once you realize you had the best they already found somebody better. just ignore this..

if you ignore me i will ignore you if you dont start the conversation we wont talk if you dont put the effort why should i? just ignore this.....

Created by: lacey

  1. what is your age?
  2. what is your gender
  3. does he ever try to make you laugh
  4. does he touch you like smack your butt or ask for hugs or lean in close to you or punch you flick stuff at you?
  5. does he smile at you.
  6. does he blush when hes around you or get nervous.
  7. does he act strange to get your attention
  8. he is ___
  9. he is ___ and you are ___
  10. he says ___ when you first see him

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