Does he like you?

There is a guy out there that likes you, now who is it? Is it the boyfriend you have been dating who doesnt seem to take interest, or is it that hot guy in the homeroom next door? Find out

Love is one of the highschool, middle school, and college issues of all time. And forever it will be that way, fix your issue today, find out if its the guy you know you like, or a guy youd never think. Figure it out.

Created by: Janea
  1. Has he ever been caught just starring at you?
  2. when you make contact does he look down?
  3. has he introduced himself
  4. has he said anythin about you face?
  5. while in a conversation with multiple peolpe, did he ever just look at you?
  6. Are you treated nicely by his friends?
  7. Has he ever run away after seeing you?
  8. do you feel like he likes you?
  9. has his friends ever talked about you or just stared at you after talking to him?
  10. does he make excuses for being around you?

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