Does He Like You?

Have you ever thought endlessly one night about your crush? Then did you think he liked you back? Then did you realize you're living in a fantasy world? THEN did you realize how utterly ADORABLE he is? Then did you realize you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to know if he likes you back? No? Then don't take this quiz. Yes? OMG, this quiz was LITERALLY MADE FOR YOU!!! :)

This quiz PROBABLY isn't accurate, since it was made by an 11-year old, but you never know! Seriously! I could be a genius love expert and not know it? Just take this stupid quiz and get it over with!!! :)

Created by: Melody
  1. First of all, (and be honest) does he actually know you exist?
  2. OMG, do you know everything about him? STALKER ALERT!!! :)
  3. OK, do his FRIENDS think he likes you...?
  4. Do YOUR friends think he likes you?
  5. How long have you liked him?
  6. Have you told him you like him?
  7. Has he told YOU he likes you?
  8. What is your FAV thing about him?
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. What's HIS favorite color?

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