Does He Like You?

A lot of girls like boys. Most of them are afraid to ask them if they do like them. If you are one of those girls, than maybe you would want to take this test.

If you are really axious to find out if that "special guy" likes you, this might be the test for you! This test will tell you if he really does like you or just hates your guts! You will find in just 5 minutes!

Created by: Ciara
  1. Does he talk to you a lot?
  2. Does he touch you a lot? (I. E. Grab you to et your attention, put his arm around you, tap you, etc.)
  3. Is he nice to you?
  4. Does he have a girlfriend?
  5. Does he text you?
  6. Has he ever called you?
  7. Does he ask you to go to movies with his friends?
  8. Does he ever ask you to go somewhere, ALONE?
  9. Does he come over to your house a lot?
  10. Do you email/I'M a lot?

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