Does he like me back? (Best for ages 8 and up)

Does he like me? Does he LOVE me? Many girls would love to find out if their crushes like them back. They would take quizzes online to find out. This is one of them!

In this quiz, you'll get a higher chance to know the truth if your crush likes you back... or not. The results won't be 100% accurate because... Every relationship is different. BUT, it will still be cool to get details from here! Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: dxphne
  1. To start off, how much do YOU like/love him?
  2. Does he act different around you?
  3. Has he ever complimented you?
  4. How do you guys communicate? (Communicate- Like how do you guys chat or talk with each other)
  5. How long have you known him?
  6. BREAK TIME! Do you have the same likes/dislikes?
  7. How often do you guys communicate?
  8. Any romantic moments? ;)
  9. Do you think/ Does he like someone else?
  10. What's your age difference?
  11. If you fell or kind of tripped, what would he most likely do?
  12. Last one! (Sorry if too short) Do you think HE likes/loves you? I know you be like "I'M TAKING THIS QUIZ FOR A REASON!" But like what do YOU think?

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