Does he like me?

Well, I hope that you enjoy this quiz that i made and i hope that it helps you in your LURVE life! If the boy that you like likes you back then good for you!

Good luck in this quiz and i hope that you get the answer that you want. Sooo... I don't know what else to say so i am just going to type until i get 150 words... DONE GOOD LUCK :) X

Created by: newyorkisthebest

  1. You are in class/at work and you have to do something in partners. You and the guy that you like are the only people left, he...
  2. Do his friends say that he likes you or do they talk about him a lot around you?
  3. Does he ask about you when you are away?
  4. What does he call you?
  5. Do you think he likes you?
  6. How often do you talk?
  7. How does he act around you?
  8. Do people say that you two are a perfect match?
  9. Has he ever asked you out as a joke?
  10. Does he treat you different to other girls?

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