Does He Like Me?

I know this kid Aaron, he's really cute and amazing. Everyone says he likes me, they could tell and blah blah blah. I really hope he dosent get on this quiz himself... Anyways! I wanna let u decide if he does or not.

Please, i need to know if Aaron likes me. And if you didnt read about DO IT NOW! Mwhahaha! Sorry, Im so hyper right now. Anyways take my quiz for me! Bye!

Created by: Crimson2121

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  1. Cathy asked if he thought I was pretty and he didnt answer her. (I wasn't here)
  2. Elizabeth said he was acting shy and different when we were hanging out.
  3. We always argued, not like mean but like trying to annoy each other for fun.
  4. He let me win the games we played, ALWAYS
  5. We had a sillyband fight
  6. He would always hit me and mess with me(Not to hurt me)
  7. When I was going to leave I hugged Elizabeth and then he said 'Do I get a hug?'
  8. When we were hiding in the closet from someone he would poke me and then grab my leg
  9. Skip
  10. Skip

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