Does he like me?

Are you sat alone thinking; "Does he actually like me? Or am I an idiot?" Well this quiz should set your mind straight. Are you so unbelievably depressed because you can't get him off your mind for one second, and your moody with your parents because of it? Its gay isnt it?

Is he hot!? Do you loveeee him? Take this quiz to find out what he really thinks of you. 100% truth, no problems. Hope your happy with results. Thanks. HELP.

Created by: Lucy
  1. When you met him for the first time, did he:
  2. How long did it take for him to give you his number?
  3. Has he touched your hair or face?
  4. Has he ever slapped your bum, to get your attention?
  5. Has he said he's going out for a walk somewhere or hinted for you to go with him?
  6. Has he always made the first text?
  7. Has he ever stood outside your house?
  8. How often does he compliment you?
  9. Is he hot!?
  10. Age differance?

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