Do Your Really Know Persona 4?

Do you know just the simplest stuff about Persona 4 the game and Persona 4 The Animation. If you really do, you can take this quiz like it's nothing! It's just beginner's stuff.

Answer all the questions as fast as you can to see how much you know! You should know them since they're basically character stuff and all that! Sit back and make yourself feel like the smartest dude ever!

Created by: Steve
  1. When you first arrive in Inaba, who is the first two people to greet you?
  2. The second you arrive in Inaba, somebody gets murdered. After this, someone tells you the legend of "The Midnight Channel". Who was this person.
  3. When you go to see the Midnight Channel for yourself, it's not your soul mate that you see. Who is it that truly appears?
  4. When you go into the TV world, and you see Yosuke's shadow, what is it saying about Yosuke?
  5. What is the name of Rise's personas?
  6. Which one of these descriptions fits Naoto Shirogane?
  7. There are no main character deaths in this game or in the anime. But there is one that came really close. Who was the almost character death?
  8. What does Yukiko's family run?
  9. Who is the ultimate culprit?
  10. At the end of the anime, Yu was beginning to go insane. He kept seeing the same thing over and over again, because he was gonna miss it. What was he seeing?

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