Do Your Parents Really Care About You?

This quiz will tell you what you are afraid to ask you parents. Do you even care about me? That is what you will be quizzed on. So I hope this quiz really helps you.

Also, don't be disappointed if they don't care about you, just talk it out with them. It might be hard, but I bet you can do it. Oh, and you can ignore the last few questions, I had to have at least 12 questions, so anyway I hope you enjoy the quiz. Good Luck!

Created by: Tony Stark
  1. Are you a middle child?
  2. Do they beat you?
  3. Do they yell at you over the stupidest things? (Like not knowing where the trash bags are)
  4. Do they tell you that they love you?
  5. Do they call you names, and make fun of you without saying that their kidding?
  6. Do they buy you whatever you want?
  7. Do they care about you grades in school?
  8. Ok, Final question. Do you think they care about you?
  9. Well I'm supposed to have 12 questions, so ignore these last ones, and if you do answer, they won't affect your score.
  10. Which is the best welcoming?

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Quiz topic: Do my Parents Really Care About You?