Do Your Parents Care About You?

We all have parents. They usually care for us in ways many could describe. But, how much do they care? How would we ever know and find out this mystery?

Are you cared for by parents? Do they adore their son/daughter-you? Do they love the bind you two have? Well, my friends, find out in just a few moments after this quiz!

Created by: JohnLennonFan

  1. Do you follow the home norms well?
  2. Do you get along with siblings and/or parents?
  3. When your parents say to "Clean your room", do you do their bidding?
  4. How often do they talk to you?
  5. Do your parents seem to enjoy the time together with you?
  6. Do you enjoy time with your parent/ guardian?
  7. Finally, do you love( like, care for, etc.) about your parents/guardians?
  8. Comment, rate, and take my other quizzes?
  9. I am halfway to Junior!
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Do my Parents Care About You?