Do your friends really like you???

Do people like love or hate you? i made thus quiz cause i was bored but put alot of work into it. please anwer with honesty otherwise you will never find out if your friends like you!!!

Have you evere wonered if your friends really like you love you or hate you?? Have you ever been rejected when you have asked fr one of your friends to sleepover or go to your birthday party?? Well this is the quiz to find out the truth!!!!

Created by: Vampire LeStat of Fun With The Redhead!!!
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If one or more of your friends see someone picking on you what would they do???
  2. Do you get invited to b days a lot???
  3. DO most or all of your friends come to your b day???
  4. Have you ever had a boyfriend???
  5. Have you ever had a girlfriend???
  6. Have you ever been invited to a sleepover???
  7. If you have asked someone to a sleepover do they say yes???
  8. Have you ever been asked out???
  9. Did you like this quiz???
  10. Will you comment???

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Quiz topic: Do my friends really like you???