Do you want to gain weight?

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Lots of people find fat disgusting or maybe find it attractive and sexy but can you be sure which one you are. This is the end of the paragraph by the way.

This quiz (which will hopefully be accurate enough) will help you see if you think fat is disgusting,ugly and unwanted or if you think fat is sexy ,beautiful and attractive,and if you want to gain or not.

Created by: 🐋=Greatness

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  1. How much weight do you feel comfortable with gaining.
  2. Would you rather spend $20 on
  3. Your best friend has gained weight.What do you do?
  4. You look in the mirror and realise that you have gained a massive amount of weight.
  5. The boy/girl you have a crush on starts to look away when you walk by.
  6. Your in Burger King with your best friend(who is still gaining)And have $30
  7. Your parents/guardians want to talk to you about your huge amount of gained weight
  8. It has been 3 years since you started gaining! You almost 400 pounds! Do you
  9. You and your best friend now live together you and her have gained so much weight that you have become imobile and you'd have hired several dozens of people to help you basically survive.
  10. One of the people that you hired are exactly your type.Do you
  11. Your best friend now so fat that she has to move into another house with more room. What do you do.
  12. Let's say for arguments sake that you got to know the the person you hired and you got married to him .He asks you to ''ahem" have fun what do you do.

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Quiz topic: Do I want to gain weight?