Do you understand Serge?

Well this is quiz that is near and dear to Serge. Do you understand him? Well it would help you understand everything on the quiz. Please take the quiz.

Are you like Serge? Well do you understand him is a better question. This quiz will let you to get to know Serge better. Thanks for taking this quiz. You are the best.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Have you ever been locked up in a psych ward?
  2. Have you ever had extreme shin splints?
  3. Have you had extreme tendonitis?
  4. Have you ever been obsessed with something?
  5. Do shoes fit you?
  6. Have you ever been on psych meds?
  7. Have you ever been certified crazy?
  8. Do you think the government has a mind control technology?
  9. Have you ever been yelled at for years with pain in your legs and shoes not fitting?
  10. Did you not have much of a personality growing up?

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Quiz topic: Do I understand Serge?