Do You Like The Same Movies As Serge?

There are many great people. You might be the greatest if you have similar movie interests as Serge. You are the best. Great going. Thanks for taking the quiz.

Are you a genius? You don't have to be one to like the same movies as Serge. If you get Yes you should leave a comment. Thanks a lot. You are the best.

Created by: Serge

  1. Which 2015 movie would you rather watch?
  2. Which 2016 movie would you rather watch?
  3. Which is better?
  4. Were the Matrix sequels any good?
  5. Which is better?
  6. Which is better?
  7. Which is better?
  8. Which is better?
  9. Which is better?
  10. Which is better?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like The Same Movies As Serge?