Do you think you know Beyonce?

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There are many Beyonce fans, but only a few that truly know Beyonce. Are you one of those people? Are you willing to take the test and become the "Beyonce Know it all"

If that is a yes, then try out this quiz, it will determine if you are truly a devoted fan or truly a not so devoted fan. Give it ago, and reach to the "Beyonce Know it all" level. Good Luck.

Created by: Anonymous182
  1. What is Beyonce's full name?
  2. What is her date of Birth?
  3. When did Beyonce first rise to fame?
  4. What is Beyonce's fashion line called?
  5. What is the name of Beyonce's third solo album?
  6. Where did Beyonce grow up?
  7. What movie did Beyonce star in, in 2002?
  8. When did Billboard list Beyonce as the most successful female artist of the 2000's?
  9. What did the media usually describe Beyonce?
  10. In December 2008, Beyonce starred in a Musical called "biopic Cadillac Records" but who did she play as?
  11. When did Beyonce begin dating rapper Jay-Z?
  12. What are Beyonce's three main genres?
  13. What origin of the name Beyonce?
  14. When Beyonce went to the 52nd Grammy Award, she broke the record for the most grammys won in one night. What was her record?

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Quiz topic: Do I think you know Beyonce?