My quiz was all about Beyonce, i chose it to be about her because she is one of my favorite singers/actors and dancers. she is good at all that. i thought i would put in a bonus question for the people that are having troubles.

I put the rate my syt question in because i really want my site to be rated so i want to see what people think of it. Well i hope you like my quiz and take it lots and lots of times.

Created by: alyssa
  1. What is Beyonce's Last name?
  2. What is Beyonce's Middle Name?
  3. Beyonce is a ...
  4. Do you like Beyonce?
  5. Bonus Points!!!
  6. At the Moment is Beyonce going out with Jay-Z?
  7. What color hair does Beyonce Have?
  8. Which Song doesnt Beyonce sing?
  9. What color eyes Does Beyonce have?
  10. What would you rate my syt out of 5?

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