Do you think you kno Friends

There are many Friends wtachers, but few are true Friend Fanatics!! Friends is a great show that has brought plenty of laughs into the hearts of us fans. I believe that if you take time top watch it, even the people who beleive it is rediculous, will even begin to understand the happiness that this series brings. I hope that this quiz does justice for thoes Friends-loveing-Fans diserve.

Are You a Friends Fanatic?!! Do You Have The Friends knowledge to qualify for that honorable title? Until now you could only won der. But tyhanks to thia gret quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!!

Created by: PhaAhna

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  1. Wut is Joey's Fav foods
  2. Wut is da name of da man dat lived across 4rom Monica's building in seasons 1-5
  3. Phoebe has a twin sister.
  4. If so on the last question, wut is Phoebe's twin sisters name?
  5. wut is Rachel's middle name?
  6. How Many sisters does monica have?
  7. How old was Chandler wen his parents got divorced?
  8. How did Phoebes mom die?
  9. How many sisters duz Joey hav?
  10. By the end of the season how many kids duz Ross hav?
  11. Wut Are Ross' kids names
  12. In "The Last One" wut wuz the last punchline of the Series

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Quiz topic: Do I think you kno Friends