Do you think you could be a hooker?

It's important that you know who you are in the world. . Maybe this will help you find out. Are you a high-class chardonnay type, or are you just a Hooker?

This quiz is designed to filter out the Hookers from the high-class chardonnay type..... Do you think you're a Hooker? Lets find out if you are........

Created by: Karen of Hookers Anonymous Club
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you drink? Ok ladies, all of these questions have points. So there is no RIGHT answer as opposed to WRONG.
  2. Do you like to wear tight clothes?
  3. Do you think you're a good dancer?
  4. A guy at the club grabs your ass as you walk by. Do you:
  5. When you are broke, what are you most likely to do?
  6. By what month is it ok to wear skirts?
  7. Your favorite sport is
  8. Are you camera shy?
  9. What's your opinion on drinking and driving?
  10. It's summer. You're

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Quiz topic: Do I think you could be a hooker?