do you think justin bieber would date you.

There are alot of smart people,and there is only a few geniuses out there.What is a genius.They are people who read and study about justin bieber.They are afterall exceptional.

Are you a genius?If you are than congrats.The whole point of this quiz was to have fun and test your brain smarts for how well you know JUSTIN BIEBER.

Created by: colbyhurley
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  1. If you could meet Justin bieber,what would you do if he started to talk to you?
  2. If you could go on a date with justin where would it be?
  3. Which one of these answers do you think is romantic?
  4. Its valentines day,so what would you want justin to get you?
  5. Justin has to go on the road for tour and you did not get to go and justin is lonely,how would you confort him.
  6. its christmas,what would you get justin?
  7. Justins fans get worried about him and they like to know what he does,how would you help?
  8. what month is justin's birthday?
  9. Who are two musical influences to justin?
  10. When justin is 17 what does he want to do?

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Quiz topic: Do I think justin bieber would date you.