Do you sing good?

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Anyone can sing. You think you sound good but your friends told you you're terrible at singing, or contrariwise. By thanking this test you can find out do you really sing good.

Quiz will help your voice became better. But if you score hight than you don't need to worry about your voice anymore. I hope you will enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Lolo
  1. Does your trough hurts when you sing?
  2. How long can you sing until your voice get tiered?
  3. Can you sing high?
  4. When you sing, and when you congest your nos at one moment. Does it sound the same or it sounds muted?
  5. Are you out of breath when you sing?
  6. Did anyone ever told you that you sing good?
  7. When you sing correctly you sing with your diaphragm. When you put your hands on your belly, do it tightens while singing?
  8. Do you exercise your voice before singing?
  9. Do you even like to sing?
  10. Do you think you sing good?

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