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  • "Do You Really Like Him/Her?
    Your Result: Rarely

    You Rarely Like Him/Her. You don't really like them RIGHT now, but you're starting to. They like you but they don't know if you like them too. If you kinda do, you need to tell them your feelings for them so they just find someone else."

    LOL Seriously? All the other quizzes I took say I like him.

    Even though I don't need quizzes to tell that I like him.

    It may be long distance but I've been crushing on him since 2008 and my feelings get stronger each time we talk~

    This quiz wasn't really that accurate honestly.. lol.

    So, me rarely liking him is really not a answer that's even CLOSE to being right.

  • wow i think your right!

  • Ok, I adore the guy and it says i rarely like him.... uh...

  • I like him, hes mysterous and cool...but i don think he likes me too embarassed to talk to him.

    Yusei Fudo

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