Do you REALLY know the Aftons? (FNaF)

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Hello! This is my fourth quiz, and I tried to make it as formal as possible, but idk if its good. This quiz will test your knowledge on the Afton family.

This quiz is welcome to anyone, FNaF experts, or noobs, or people that are just bored. I put joy into every quiz I make (except for one that I will not name) and I hope you will find joy in taking the quizzes (EXCEPT FOR THE ONE I SHALL NOT NAME). Enjoy!

Created by: FoxysPlush

  1. Who is the Crying Child?
  2. Who is the Purple Guy?
  3. Who is Circus Baby?
  4. Who is Ballora?
  5. Who is Springtrap?
  6. Who is Fredbear?
  7. Okay, this is still FNaF based, so don’t worry. What happened in 1987?
  8. How did Elizabeth die?
  9. How did Clara Afton die?
  10. How did William Afton die?
  11. How did Michael die?
  12. Who is the night mechanic in Sister Location?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know the Aftons? (FNaF)