Do You Really Know Ross Lynch?

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Hi there! The purpose of this quiz is to see if some of you folks know Ross Lynch. In case some of you don't know who he is then please get out of my quiz!

Do YOU know Ross Lynch? Do you know him like you're his sibling? I know a perfect way to find out. It is so easy even a 3 year old can do it, I guess. Remember; DON"T CHEAT. Take my quiz enjoy it. ;)

Created by: InfinityGAL

  1. What sport does he like?
  2. What is his favorite color?
  3. What is his favorite movie?
  4. What are his hobbies?
  5. What kind of candy does he like?
  6. What instruments does he play?
  7. What age has he started dancing at?
  8. How many siblings does he have?
  9. What is his family band called?
  10. What is his favorite food?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Ross Lynch?