Do You Really Know Animal Jam Inside Out?

Nobody is perfect and I hope that no one would get upset for getting a low level in this quiz. But remember, You can learn from your mistakes if you choose to.

Are you really a true Animal Jam genius? If so, take this quiz to see if you really are one!

Created by: Silly Suds

  1. Hope You'll enjoy my quiz :3
  2. So, 1st question: Are Rare Spikes Beta?
  3. 2nd: How did solid magenta Furry hat get in Animal Jam?
  4. 3rd: How many colors of beta tails are there?
  5. 4th: I have 4 Headdresses, 3 Spiked Collars, 7 Fire Pits, 2 Skullies, 6 Blue vines and 5 Forest Walls. How many betas do I have?
  6. 5th: Name at least three (3) items sold in Coral Corner.
  7. 6th: What would be a fair trade from these choices?
  10. Hope You enjoyed my quiz!

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Animal Jam Inside Out?