Do you procrastinate (I'll look up spelling later)?

"Please think of something original to say in Paragraph 1! Just briefly describe your quiz." Why don't YOU Think of something origional? Wow, I mean seriously. grr!

Yes, something origionally. Err, origional. Whatever. I don't care. You made me upset and have offended my copypasta skillz. "This paragraph needs to be a certain bigness" Psh, jerk. It better be long enough now. Please? lol, don't mention the limit. That's clever hahaha, I like that. :P

Created by: Steel Froggy of
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  1. Do you generally not finish your senten
  2. Will you finish taking this quiz or
  3. will i finish this quest
  4. i'll write this one later
  5. Enter a question:
  6. Wow, you finished a question finally? That's amaz
  7. Do you procrastinaters?
  8. finally it's
  9. Wait, another one?
  10. .

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Quiz topic: Do I procrastinate (I'll look up spelling later)?