Do you need Mental Help?

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Hi! It's C.A. Cupid! This is just for fun! It is not serious! I hope you aren't actually crazy! I hope you're faking or you accidentally pressed the "You need serious Mental Help!" button! :-)

Hope you enjoy! This is all I could come up with so far! :-) Hope you don't need Mental Help! :-) I wish you the best of luck! Please be okay and not crazy! Enjoy! :-)

Created by: CA Cupid

  1. Ok! Hey! It's C.A. Cupid again! Anyways, this is supposed to be a funny quiz! Not an actual test quiz! Anyways, you see an adorable, lost puppy sniffing for food on the sidewalk! You?
  2. Someone gave you a cupcake! You?
  3. Someone has a crush on you! You?
  4. Someone's making fun of you! You?
  5. Someone accidentally took your spot at lunch! You?
  6. You saw someone get stabbed! You?
  7. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend is panicking because they had a nightmare! You?
  8. Do you enjoy Weddings?
  9. You hear a sad song on the radio! You?
  10. Do you like happy endings?
  11. It's your little cousin's birthday! You?
  12. What are you known for?
  13. I ran out of questions, but I hope you liked my new quiz! Please tell me you aren't crazy!

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Quiz topic: Do I need Mental Help?