Do You Need Diaper, Pull ups, or Underwear

Having some accidents? Just bored? Well whatever it is this quiz will tell you want you should wear. peeing or pooping right now? yes? no? well if you did you change before you start

it is 100% accurate. so i higly reccomend listing to your results. you will find out at teh end if you need to be in diapers pull ups or underwear aka undies

Created by: HenryDangerForce

  1. How old are you?
  2. Are You a girl or boy?
  3. When was the last time you peed at night
  4. when did last poop at night
  5. what do you wear during the day
  6. what do you wear at night
  7. when did you last poop in the day
  8. when did you last pee in the day
  9. what do you wear in the day
  10. are you potty trained
  11. what do you think you need to wear
  12. what do you want to wear
  13. do you like this quiz(does not effect result i promise i'm just curios)
  14. why are you taking this quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I Need Diaper, Pull ups, or Underwear