do you love shawn mendes

I love shawn mendes! I have since November 26, 2014. I have a money jar filled with money that says wedding funds for shawn. no one else loves shawn as much as me. I have 5 accounts filled up with 100% shawn on social medias all around

I am 100% know everything about shawn. I love him way too much too just say I love you. shawn is a work of art! he is a perfect guy, he is the best thing that has ever happened to this planet Earth

Created by: lily

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  1. how tall is shawn
  2. how much does shawn weigh
  3. what is shawns parents name
  4. what is shawns biggest fear
  5. how long does it take shawn to get ready in the mornings including shower time
  6. whats is shawns favorite type of muffin
  7. what is shawns zodiac sign
  8. were does shawn want to visit, because he says he's heard it is beautiful
  9. what is shawns best friends name from home
  10. what is shawns favorite movie or movie series
  11. what is shawns managers name
  12. what superpower does shawn want
  13. what does shawn bring with him anytime he goes somewhere for a long time on the tour bus
  14. what does shawn hate more than anything and he wants them to be completely moved off the earth
  15. what was shawns first concert

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Quiz topic: Do I love shawn mendes