Do you love Leo Howard?

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Do you really love Leo Howard? Do you sit and daydream of him, do you think he is the coolest guy on earth? Well, *evil laughs* let's find out and see. Do you or do you not? (DO NOT CHEAT OR ELSE)

Ohh, there are some that love him and some that would kill him and some that don't even care. So if you take this quiz you'll know if you're a whiz at Leo Howard or not!

Created by: Erin

  1. What's Leo's dogs name?
  2. What movie did Leo star in?
  3. Is he's the cutest guy you've ever seen?
  4. Do you have over ten pictures of him saved on your phone/iPod/computer? (Be honest)
  5. Pick one of the below that he doesn't like
  6. Have you had a crush on him from the moment you first saw him?
  7. Have you watched over ten episodes of Kickin it?
  8. Is kickin it your favorite show?
  9. Are you screaming jealous of Olivia Holt?
  10. Have you watched all the Youtube videos of him you can?
  11. Has he ever won national trophies for best karate In His age group?
  12. Did you cheat???

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Quiz topic: Do I love Leo Howard?