Do You Love Cheese Burgers Like Me :]

Do you love burgers there? Yuay yay I love them! There yayyyy. Yum yum yay yum yum love them burgers yum burger yum yay lol lol :] lol?

Do you love burgers as much as me? Cheese burgers specifically? Haha we can find the truth!

Created by: saralee123
  1. Do burgers make you happy?
  2. They are yummy.
  3. Ever been a vegan.
  4. Like fries tooo :]
  5. What do you like on them?
  6. Theye one of your fave food.
  7. You like to get um at.
  8. Burgers burgere burgers burgers burgers.
  9. Yummmmmy burgers.
  10. Yummmmmy burgers.
  11. You like them.
  12. Pooor cow
  13. Burger haterrrrrs.
  14. Did you like this Quiz?
  15. Comment rate.
  16. Ok bye

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Quiz topic: Do I Love Cheese Burgers Like Me :]