Do you like sitting in a messy diaper?

Some people like to wear diapers. I muself love it. But many people who do this are considered freaks and nobody accepts them. These people at DLs (diaper lovers)

Are you a DL? Then take this quiz to find out how much and what type of DL you are. Or if you aren't a DL, you can take this quiz and answer what you wish you could do. Find out if you are a diaper lover today!

Created by: Ilikepoopydiaprs

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  1. Do you wear diapers?
  2. Do you go in your diaper?
  3. Which do you prefer to do in your diaper?
  4. If you would never get noticed, how much would you wear diapers?
  5. How long do you keep on the same diaper?
  6. You just messed your diaper and it is:
  7. Give that you would never be caught, what sounds best to you?
  8. How many times would you go in one diaper
  9. Would you like to have a diaper wearing mate?
  10. If it was aloud in public, would you-
  11. What sounds the best given that it is normal and nobody cared?

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Quiz topic: Do I like sitting in a messy diaper?