Do You Like School?

Are you a school loving nerd? Are you a school hater? I hate school so much school sucks I hate it it's so boring. Well do you like try my quiz and see school is boring an sucks?

Are you a school loving nerd or do you hate it like me? What do you think??

Created by: saralee123
  1. Do you want to blow up school?
  2. Are you late a lot?
  3. Get detentions?
  4. Do you complain in the morning when you have to get up?
  5. Do you "acccidently miss the bus" hmhm~~
  6. Ever ditched school?
  7. Grades?
  8. Do you avoid work?
  9. Hate your teachers?
  10. Ever been held back?
  11. Fight with the teachers?

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