do you like me?(girls and boys!)

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i'm a normal 13 years old girl!i am here about 4 mounths so i know most of the people here and most of you know me!i'm always in the forums and i have lots of friends there.

!i realy wanna know what the people think about me and much they like me!cause in this year,i wanna change my self to a person who everyone loves her!

Created by: dragon

  1. Do you even know me?(do you ever saw me in the forums?)
  2. Do ever talked to me?
  3. if you ever talked to me...what do you think about me?:D
  4. How many times did you talked to me?
  5. do i like romantic things?
  6. what's my favorite color?
  7. how old i am?
  8. do you know why i'm asking somethings about my self?
  9. answer:i'm asking cause everyone who knows me and likes me knows the answers!
  10. okay,a very easy question:do you know my real name?
  11. do you think you like me?

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Quiz topic: Do I like me?(girls and boys!)