Do You Like Him?

Heyoo! I randomly made this quiz for no reason and it makes no sense and kind of sucks. It's really weird so please do not be alarmed by my weirdness!

I hate these paragraphs!! Random stuffs now! The cow goes moo! The duck goes quack! I like cookies! The last question doesn't count! Meow ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Created by: Dark_Vampire101
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  1. (Please read the first paragraph before starting) Okay, first things first. Do you think you like him??
  2. Do you stare at him a lot?
  3. If he ever catches you staring, do you blush and turn away furiously?
  4. Does your heart start doing a little tap-dance when you see him?
  5. When he talks to you, do you suddenly forget everything in the world and answer him with something like, "Uh... uh..."
  6. Do you think he's cute?
  7. Let's just say that... one day, he randomly appeared at your front door. What would you do?
  8. If one day, he and your... pet dog were clinging on to a cliff for a dear life, and you could only save one of them, but MIGHT get a chance to save the other, who would you help? (Haha! I didn't say friends/family or him! Now it's a bit easier to choose)
  9. Would you risk your life for him?
  10. Do you dream about him often?
  11. If anyone says anything against him, do you start randomly defending him?
  12. If you see him talking to another girl and laughing and seeming like he's having a good time, do you get instantly jealous?
  13. Do you feel like congratulating him in whatever he does? Even if he barely passes a test?
  14. Do you think about him a lot?
  15. Do you stalk him?
  16. K bai now!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Him?