Do you know your mario enemies?

It's just how much you know Super Mario enemies. The title speaks for itself. So.............................Maybe you can take the quiz now?????????maybe?

hello fellow description readers....take da quiz please...please.title speaks for itself, again. So... that's the description read. you can do the quiz now.

Created by: Benlx

  1. Which enemy doesn't exist?
  2. What enemy throws Spinies at you from a cloud?
  3. Which enemy first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land?
  4. What happens when a Koopa Troopa gets stomped on?
  5. What enemy has the most variants?
  6. Which is biggest
  7. Who is the true final boss of Super Mario 3D Land?
  8. What Super Mario character wasn't featured before?
  9. How many Golden Coins are in Super Mario Land 2's Title?
  10. How do you defeat a Thwomp?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my mario enemies?