Do you know your JROCK/JPOP???

Whenever japanese music is mentioned, people automatically think of the steryotypical, traditional, soft and calming japanese music. But in reality, japan has as many different genres of music as america, if not more. For example, jrock and jpop.

Do you think you know jmusic? This is a pretty easy test I think, but you have to know some bands to be able to get total jrockyness pwnage. Hehe so try your best and if you don't do well go check out the bands I mentioned!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: ilovemyv

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you heard of jrock or jpop before?
  2. Have you heard of any of the following four bands/artists: the GazettE, Gackt, X japan, Utada hikaru
  3. Which genre of japanese music do you like?
  4. Which is not a charactaristic of most vk bands?
  5. Do you watch anime?
  6. If yes, what is your favorite opening song or ending song out of these?
  7. Hmm. Now, which is your favorite band member? (Various bands)
  8. Do you like artists such as kitade nana, kanon wakeshima, utada hikaru, etc?
  9. The lyrics to jrock are...
  10. Do you like miyavi, gackt, etc?
  11. Did you learn anything about jrock in this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my JROCK/JPOP???