Do you know your horses behavior?

there are lots of people that know some things about horses but not many true horsemen. you are pretty close most of you...or so you think! Thats what the qizz is for!

so, are you a horse person, of not? Do you already think you are or not? I bet your confident! well, I hope you are anyway. nobody is perfect! that is sad isn't it.

Created by: Jordan

  1. What do you do if your horse gets colic?
  2. what does it mean if a horse steps on your foot?
  3. what does it mean when your horse steps on your foot?
  4. what does it mean when our horse rears?
  5. if he sidesteps away from something he prolly _____?
  6. when your horse winnies he might be
  7. what is a very young female horse?
  8. what is the name of the parents of a horse?
  9. if a horse _______s he is probably afraid or angery.
  10. if a horse is bitten, you should

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Quiz topic: Do I know my horses behavior?