Do you know your dragons?

There are dragons, they are strong creatures. With their powers they can destroy most things. And they can fly so fast, in a race a jet plane isn't moving. Dragons really are amazing.

Do YOU know everything about dragons? Well looks like we are going to find out! Test your brain, to see if you know everything about the world's most amazing creatures. But most of all, have fun!

Created by: The_Dragon

  1. Do dragons lay eggs?
  2. What are the elements that dragons can be?
  3. Do some dragons have wings?
  4. What size can a dragon be?
  5. Do dragons always match their scale color with their element's color?
  6. Can dragons be girls?
  7. Are dragons real?
  8. Are dragons dinosours?
  9. Dragons don't all live in the same area.
  10. Can dragons read minds?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my dragons?