Do you know your country songs?

I created this quiz because I love country music. Maybe you do too. But how much do you love it?? Take this quiz to find out......stupid paragraph.

I took all of the lyrics from actual country songs. I did not make anything up, and I own nothing. All the songs are current coutry songs that are played on the radio.

Created by: picklebrain
  1. "Ain't it a shame, a shame that...
  2. "He can't even bait a hook..."
  3. "his fist is big but my gun's bigger..."
  4. "I told you on the day we wed..."
  5. "All those other girls, well they're beautiful..."
  6. "Right now, he's probably..."
  7. "Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends..."
  8. "I've been a walkin' heartache..."
  9. "Then the mountains rose up..."
  10. "There's somthin' 'bout a truck..."

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Quiz topic: Do I know my country songs?