Do you know where the United States is going

it is about the real issues of the united states and what you know what happed in the passed 6 years in the united states. do you hate bush is every thing going well are things getting better find out.

Do you know what is happening to the United States and are you happy whith the way things are going. or are you smart enugh to not to bleave anything bush says.

Created by: Heather
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  1. If we never went to Iraq do you think Bush would be doing a good Job
  2. What do you think about supreme court decision on eminent domain
  3. What is the security and prosperity partnership?
  4. How did you vote durring the midterms
  5. What did you think about the midtems out come
  6. Was going to Iraq a good Idea
  7. If it was 2004 who would you vote for presdent
  8. Do you Bleave Bush knows what he is doing
  9. Do you bleave free emergency health care is a good Idea
  10. Do you think oil companies lowered gas prices so you would more likely vote for Republicans?

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Quiz topic: Do I know where the United States is going