Could you be a future President of the United States?

There is a one in a million chance that one of you who takes this quiz might be a future president of the United States. This quiz will give you a percent of how much you might become President. Who knows, your new name might be Mr. President when you become older!

Could YOU be the future President of the United States? Do you have what it takes? Can you take what a president has to take? These are all factors of becoming a future president of the United States of America!

Created by: Todd
  1. Do you watch the news?
  2. Did you have an opinion on the recent presidential election?
  3. Can you speak in front of crowds?
  4. Can you argue with people and win?
  5. Are you extremely smart?
  6. Are you a native born American?
  7. Do you come from a wealthy family?
  8. Do you have good character?
  9. Do you plan to go into the military?
  10. Did you like my quiz? (No effect)

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