Do you know Undertale?

Do you know Undertale?Let's find out shall we!Take this quiz and find it out!Comment your answer and rate the quiz I hope you will be happy with your result.

I wish you good luck quiz taker but I recommend playing the game or watching a let's play first after that you will be able to answer these 10 questions easy!

Created by: Amonna

  1. Welcome fellow Undertale fan!Ready for the first question?Cuz here it comes:Who is Gaster to Sans?
  2. Who is the first monster you meet in Undertale?
  3. What is your character named?
  4. Ok now for serious question...Why did Chara take Frisk's soul in the end of the genocide route?
  5. Does Toriel still loves/likes Asgore or is she over him by now?
  6. How many times did Chara tried to commit suicide?
  7. Is Frisk mute?
  8. Is Sans even a monster?
  9. Almost done!2 more to go:is there a way to unlock the locket door in snowdin forest?
  10. Lastly:Does the game breaks the 4th wall?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Undertale?