Do You Know Undertale?

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This quiz is about how well you know undertale. This is actually my first quiz so I hope you like it. Also if you get bored you always play my quiz. Let's see how you do.

This is my first time making a actually quiz on a website. Well I hope this is good. I actually made this for undertale fan but you can still play if your not I'm not stopping you.

Created by: PopstarWolf
  1. Who is the first boss you meet?
  2. Who is the creator of undertale?
  3. Who is the first fallen human?
  4. What gender is frisk?
  5. When was this game made?
  6. Who is the final boss in the genocide route?
  7. Who is the final boss in the pacifist route?
  8. What gender is chara?
  9. Who is the pun master?
  10. Who is sans's brother?
  11. Caretaker of the ruins.
  12. What soul color is kindness?
  13. What soul color is patient?
  14. What soul does frisk and chara have?
  15. Why did chara fall?
  16. Who is the gay fish lady?
  17. Who is the king of the all monsters?
  18. Who is the dog with a shop?
  19. Who is the man that speech's in hands?
  20. The spider lady.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Undertale?