Do You Know Tomodachi Life

Ah, Tomodachi Life...such a beautiful game. Some people say its cheesy for older people, but don't listen to them. It is better than any other game in the world! Or ever!

But do YOU know about Tomodachi Life? Do you have the know-how about how to play this game? Or maybe you could just play it freely! So, how much do you know about Tomodachi Life? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Wagdoodle24
  1. What are the little creatures you take care of on the game called?
  2. What are you called on the game?
  3. Tomodachi Life developed from an older version, Tomodachi Collection. Which country was Tomodachi Collection created for?
  4. How many miis are you allowed to have up to? Hint: You can always delete miis to make more.
  5. What platform is Tomodachi Life played on?
  6. True or false: Santoru Iwata helped create Tomodachi Life.
  7. What is it called when a mii wants something?
  8. True or False: Babies were added on Tomodachi Life, but do not exist on Tomodachi Collection
  9. What is NOT a feature on Tomodachi Life?
  10. Which is NOT a personality group OR type on Tomodachi Life?

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