Do you know The Secret Life of an American Teenager?

There are many trivia geeks out there.Are you one of them?Who knows you could very well be the smartest person in the world.Don't hold back! My definition of a geek is that you know everything in the media not that you get straight a's every year.

Come on genius.Your moment of glory is a few minutes away.Think about becoming famous.A mansion with an arcade,a pool,and every other thing you can think of.oh it will be the good life.HEY YOU CAN GET MORE MONEY THAN BILL GATES AND DR.SUESS!!!!

Created by: mido

  1. Why aren't Adrian and Grace friends any more?
  2. What did Ben say to Amy to change her mind?
  3. Why does Ricky want to take Amy to court?
  4. When everyone ditches school where do they go?
  5. How many times has Ben hurt Amy?
  6. At the beginning of the most recent season do Amy and Ben make up?
  7. Is Adrian pregnant?
  8. Who's Ben's dad?BUISINESS NAME
  9. Why do Ashley and Adrian talk so much?
  10. Why do Ashley and George lie to Ann?

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Quiz topic: Do I know The Secret Life of an American Teenager?